Monday, 10 October 2011

Patience is a virtue - apparently

Thank you VJ and Bex for helping to make my 'bloody good riddance' party so so brilliant.  I had an amazing time - hope you enjoyed it too.  It has certainly helped take my mind off the waiting - the next poor innocent soul to enquire, 'so when do you leave?' may escape a violent end now I've let off a bit of steam.  Not that I'm at all ready to leave - there is a new suitcase on the landing and several lists but the car is not yet in its new Essex home and I've not worked out how to make the best use of my 23kg_for_a_year baggage allowance. Hmm.

I swing wildly between 'excited' and 'terrified' ten times a day - the thought of being involved in such a huge project (Abu Dhabi's Education Reform) from the beginning with the potential to affect so many lives makes me appreciate what teaching's all about.  Then, the thought of immersing myself in a new culture; learning to drive on the right; and drastically reducing my alcohol intake makes my stomach feel as though it's on a random theme park pirate ship.

I've been very lucky to be able to carry on teaching as 'supply', usually at the wonderful Almondbury High School, but I miss having my own classes and being able to build relationships with the students.  Better get used to it, though, if I'm going to be involved with two or three different schools in Abu Dhabi. 

Ok, it was a bit of a gamble, but (following fb rumour of raining e-tickets next week) I've decided to drive the 220 miles south after my uni tutorial Wed eve and get the train back up Fri morning, hopefully in time to play with Charlie's South Steel (Caroline, Andy and Katie + bright young things at this gig) at Asda Morley's Tickled Pink event.  If I end up twiddling my thumbs for another week or so, so be it.  See you in AD!